Jamia Tawakkulia Renga at a Glance

Aims and Objectives: To have strong faith in true Islamic monotheism, to follow the footstep of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), to create special relationship with Allah, to propagate the message of Islam and the true creed of Ahlus Sunnat wal-Jamaat, to spread the ambit and realm of educational and cultural activities. To make a section of Islamic activities, build a group of preachers to propagate the message of Islam to the doorstep of laymen and uproot hearsay from the Muslim community.

Levels of Education: Primary, secondary, higher secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate along with Tahfizul-Quran (memorisation of the Holy Quran).

Number of Teachers and Staffs: There are 42 teachers and other staff working at the Madrasah.

Number of Students:
Approximately 1350 students are currently studying at the Madrasah.

The Madrasah has five funds in total. They are (1) General Fund, (2) Poor Fund, (3) Building Fund, (4) Books Fund and (5) Scholarship Fund.

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